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Inclusive culture, communication & leadership skills.

Workshop zu inklusive Führung


You practice open communication and an inclusive feedback culture.

You will receive input on leadership skills to lead inclusively in everyday life.

You will learn which tools and methods are suitable for developing an inclusive work culture.

You will develop strategies for making your work environment more inclusive.

Cultural Diversity

what it's about

Would you like to acquire practical skills and tools to foster an inclusive work culture?


In this workshop you will learn leadership skills, tools and models that will enable you to successfully establish and maintain an inclusive work culture. Together we will examine the different dimensions of diversity and inclusion and apply them to your specific work context.


The aim is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion and to develop practical strategies to establish open communication and an inclusive feedback culture.


You will learn to understand the various challenges associated with promoting an inclusive work environment and to take appropriate measures. We will look at how you, as a leader, can foster an inclusive work environment and what leadership skills can help create a positive and productive work environment.


Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity

You develop a comprehensive understanding of diversity & inclusion for your everyday life.

You know how you, as a manager, can promote an inclusive work environment.

You are able to establish an open and inclusive feedback culture.


1 / duration

I usually recommend a half-day workshop for initial sensitization to the topic.

For training with a specific focus, I recommend a one-day workshop, with further half-day workshops as a follow-up.

2 / service package
  • Half-day, full-day workshop or two-day workshop depending on needs and focus​

  • Me as a single trainer or in tandem with co-trainer:in (depending on group size, focus and course language)

  • Course language: either German, English or French

  • Detailed briefing on preparation and goal setting

  • Optionally as a multi-level learning concept (e.g. with e-learning nudges, remote follow-ups, or peer group exchange)

3 / costs

The exact costs are calculated based on the order.


Orientation price: CHF 1'150 per half day

After getting to know each other and a preliminary talk, I would be happy to make you an offer.

Have I sparked your interest?

I look forward to your contact. I would be happy to discuss with you how my offer can best be tailored to your needs.

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