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Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Successful collaboration through embodied inclusion.

cultural diversity

Workshop zu kultureller Diversität

diverse & inclusive

Imagine how awesome it would be if your team thrived in a diverse and inclusive environment and successfully collaborated across cultures!


Different opinions, skills and experiences are used as an advantage. Each person shows active participation and feels like they belong.

If you want to achieve this goal, I will actively support you with training, coaching or advice.

about me

Hello, I'm Sunita. Born as an Indian in Switzerland, I was born translating between different worldviews.

I am passionate about cultural understanding and the appreciation of differences as an enrichment.


I have been working with communities, NGOs, international companies and social start-ups for over 20 years.

Porträt von Sunita Asnani, Cultural Diversity


Workshop zu Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Unbewusste Vorurteile erkennen und Vielfalt fördern.

Workshop zu Interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit


Kulturelle Unterschiede verstehen und erfolgreich überbrücken.

Workshop zu Inklusive Führung



Inklusive Kultur, Kommunikation und Leadership leben.

Voices from customers
& Partners

Cultural Diversity

Christian Hirsig, Founder of Powercoders

«The best thing about coaching with Sunita  is her natural way and her feeling for our situation. Through the coaching, I learned how to better tackle cultural challenges in a team.»
Beyond Gravity
Swiss Institute for Global Affairs
Stadt Thun
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