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Cultural Diversity bunte Illustration
Let's learn to be different together!
Cultural Diversity, Sunita Asnani

divers: opportunity or trap?

Culturally diverse teams have the huge potential to bring different perspectives together, encourage creative thinking and create an open working atmosphere.

However, working with people from different cultures can present some challenges.

This can include harmless blunders as well as unconscious prejudices. Different communication styles or different expectations of collaboration, decision-making or time management can also create confusion and make work difficult.


This is exactly why transcultural skills and an inclusive corporate culture are needed. The benefits of a diverse and inclusive corporate culture include: 

  • Improved communication

  • Increased psychological security

  • More satisfaction & commitment

  • Increased motivation & creativity 

  • Expanded bias and culture awareness



The ability to meet each other without prejudice, to work together successfully and to build meaningful relationships with employees from different value systems and cultures is required in every company today. 


This requires the openness to think about yourself and your own cultural background and to learn how to deal with people who grew up differently from you.

Transcultural vs. Intercultural - what is the difference? Intercultural refers to exchanges between different cultures, while transcultural means crossing the borders between cultures and creating a common ground.

Transkulturell vs Interkulturell

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Cultural Diversity bunte Illustration abgedunkelt

Ya'ara Segal, Co-Active Professional Coach & Trainer

«It was an eye-opening pleasure to take part in this diversity workshop! I thank Sunita for the heartfelt facilitation, sensitivity, creativity and professionality she brought.»
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