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Unconscious bias

If you have a brain, you have prejudices! Increase their sensitivity to unconscious biases. For a better workplace.

Unconscious Bias Workshops mit Sunita Asnani


You explore and identify your unconscious bias with your head and heart.

You will receive input and tools to deal with your unconscious bias in everyday life.

They deal with the most common forms of unconscious bias and their effects.

You develop strategies on how to counteract your unconscious bias.

Cultural Diversity bunte Illustration

what it's about

Unconscious bias gets in the way of any plans to promote diversity and inclusion. We must learn to switch off our autopilot when making decisions.

So let's take a closer look at these prejudices. I can help you with that in my workshops.

For successful multi-demographic collaboration and diverse talent acquisition, we need to understand how unconscious bias works. When we recognize our unconscious biases, we are empowered. We have better control over our decision-making, we can reduce their power.

This will have a positive impact on the workplace in many ways. As you hire new employees or interact within your team, you'll be able to listen more, and differently, to people who see the world differently than you do. You will be more open to different points of view and also be inspired by people who can turn things upside down.


Cultural Diversity bunte illustration

You are more aware of your unconscious biases.

Cultural Diversity bunte illustration

This enables you to make and enable better decisions.

Cultural Diversity bunte illustration

You are able to create a psychologically safe, more inclusive workplace.


1 / duration

As a rule, I recommend a half-day workshop to raise awareness of the topic unconscious bias.

For training with a specific focus, I recommend a one-day workshop, with further half-day workshops as a follow-up.

2 / service package
  • Half-day, full-day workshop or two-day workshop depending on needs and focus​

  • Me as a single trainer or in tandem with co-trainer:in (depending on group size, focus and course language)

  • Course language: either German, English or French

  • Detailed briefing on preparation and goal setting

  • Optionally as a multi-level learning concept (e.g. with e-learning nudges, remote follow-ups, or peer group exchange)

3 / costs

The exact costs are calculated on an order-by-order basis.


Orientation price: CHF 1'150 per half day

After getting to know each other and a preliminary talk, I would be happy to make you an offer.

Have I sparked your interest?

I look forward to your contact. I would be happy to discuss with you how my offer can best be tailored to your needs.

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